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Thanks for listening to Origin Stories! We are on hiatus as we work on new episodes. Our new season will launch in August, and we can't wait to share more stories about how we became human.

May 17, 2022

In this episode, we explore five strange fossilized footprints found by Mary Leakey at the site of Laetoli in Tanzania. Decades after their original discovery, these footprints have revealed a new story about our ancient ancestors that expands our understanding of how hominins moved and interacted. 

Thanks to Dr. Ellison McNutt and Dr. Charles Musiba for sharing their work. 

Thanks as well to Jim Carty and Pat Randall for generously sponsoring this episode. Jim is a long-time Leakey Foundation supporter who actually volunteered to work at Laeotli in the 1980s to help figure out a way to preserve the Laetoli footprints.
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Footprint evidence of early hominin locomotor diversity at Laetoli, Tanzania
Charming video of Dr. McNutt coaxing a baby bear to walk upright
Dr. Charles Musiba's website
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The Kilham Bear Center
Conservation of the Laetoli Footprints - a talk by Dr. Charles Musiba
The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Unesco World Heritage Site

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